I Get Lonely

I get lonely
I reach for some wine

A billboard tells me
I should reach for the phone

Call someone who cares

But the face on the billboard
is a popular entertainer
whose problems
were a little too successfully publicized

I cannot trust him

A boy shows his mother
a picture of a hot dog:
"What is it?" he asks her
"It's a hot-dog," she tells him
"No," the boy says, "it's a picture of a hot dog"


My neighbor wrecks the morning
with his hammer and drill
repairing the hole in the rusted-through trunk of his car

I was reading poetry
in the luxury of my quiet neighborhood
before the incessant pounding and grunting of his project
drove me to the newspaper:

The next-to-last liberal justice is resigning from the Supreme Court

Another convicted murderer went to the chair last night in Virginia

It seems that researchers have determined how marijuana stimulates
the brain--
The next step: how to isolate the medicinal applications
from the intoxicating effects


the days take me down with them
earlier and earlier