Avatar Review

Ben Bostick

complet thought (4)

a man and a woman are neighbors for years before they learn one
anothers names and a few years more before he runs into her at the
noodle shop a block away and he is forced by awkwardness to ask if he
can sit down and join her for her bowl of noodles and he is even more
embarrassed when he must ask the waiter for a fork because he has not
yet mastered chopsticks and the woman says make it two about the forks
and he forces an awkward smile be she makes no expression of kindness
and they wait for their forks in silence and when the forks arrive the
man takes a big spaghetti twirl of noodles and shoves them slurp down
his gullet before he asks what the woman does for a living but there
is a little green onion stuck on the mans front right tooth and the
woman chuckles before she answers that she does nothing for a living
because she inherited a significant fortune from her deceased husband
but she does enjoy working in charity on a regular basis and he
replies that he is a dentist and she asks him if dentists arent the
professionals most likely to kill themselves

complet thought (5)

the mutineer on the boat was talking revolution but nobody on the crew
never paid him no mind cuz a mutineer without support is just a nut
with arms and legs and big hairy seamen dont like crazy fools so i
suppose manny the mutineer aint gonna be with us for too much longer
cuz the other guys on board are gonna throw him overboard and as usual
it will be my duty to write a song or a poem about the dumb
motherfucker and give a eulogy while all the pig beasts gather around
and pretend they know how sublime the fragility of human life is as i
use words like power and flaw and grief and pride and their eyes start
pooping out of their greasy skulls wriggling around on the deck for a
sec before they grow little veiny appendages and start walking over to
me begging me to look down but i refuse and continue on with my lament
because the feeling of an eyeball on your salty raw ankle is enough
eye contact for any man of words to bear in a single lifetime and i
dare not stare into the pigs oozing sockets for fear of seeing their
wicked minds and finding myself to be in even one of their thoughts

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