Flash: Edgar Rider

Bob Eager

Bob Eager is a man who has experienced life. He knows that his experiences are the most important lessons you will ever learn. “I am here to help people, but sometimes you have to help people help them for themselves.” He started his career in the self -help motivational speaking industry.

Some people seem to think his messages are absurd. They point to a video where Mr. Eager argues with a potato. “The Potato Confrontation” is an example, some feel, because he confronts a potato as if it were a human being. This is a message about how to deal with difficult people. He explains why: “If ya wanna make em just shake em.”

One largely ignored (but brilliant) program is called “No Backtracking, the whole enchilada.” This is an infomercial where Bob shows you how to eat properly, literally. In this unique spiritual eating method, you move around the plate counterclockwise eating each food item individually. If you are having an enchilada, rice, and beans, eat the entree first, then eat the side items. ” Its not what you eat that counts, it’s how you eat that truly counts; remember that before you shove something into your mouth.”

His next speech comes from a one-night-only seminar entitled “Where’s It Coming From.” It is a wonderful speech on being aware of danger. He uses a boxing reference of keeping your hands out of your pockets and keeping your left foot forward so you can be ready for the fight. Also, he talks about playing baby football. The emphasis of his presentation is that we all get tossed around by life like a baby football. He carries a baby rushing around gaining yardage but then fumbles the baby. At the end, he remembers a story about helping a little person cross the street in a shopping cart. Thus reemphasizing you never know when you are confronted by a challenging experience

His speech “Malt Liquor Mayhem” is about that epidemic worse than refers madness: the threat of malt liquor in every demographic. There is some offensive rhetoric but this is necessary to understand the catastrophe we face if this continues. Everything is exposed as he details all the different kinds of liquor out there: Crazy Horse, 211 Steel Reserve, Colt 45, Johnny 3 Legs, and Country Club. Chances are, you have been confronted with at least the thought of purchasing this liquid demon.

He is best remembered for his early piece, “Don’t spend your life window shopping go in that store and buy yourself something.” Although remembered with fondness, it is a speech that is extremely hard to find. It can be a metaphor for a situation of career window¬† shopping. Or anything in your life where you keep on trying things and move on to the next thing never really grasping the steady hand of focus and direction which is necessary to become a successful, prosperous member of society

Since his early days, Mr. Eager has also branched out into the world of entertainment. He is the host of Charisma Corner and the acting Ceo of PGWF. No matter what medium, Mr. Eager stirs up excitement. We all need someone to guide us in our daily lives. Bob Eager will show us the way.