The body is skittish
The body lies in a neighborhood
		scraped away when built
								lair in the swale
						         causes meteorological disturbances
Dormant edge where wood becomes word
		already on the outs
								boys squirreled into knots
						         peel off their soles
Season of intricacy pushed out to the suck
								as a fraction is an object
						         of resurrection
The body sequesters
The body roots in observation
								bridge filed down
						         to a pass key
Alley crop up and coming
						         aromatic cedars are shorn of their nests
The body is deeply weathered
The body lives in loam
		filtered through the leach
         						         calcium knobs roil underfoot
Where the agility of the verb is subsistent
						         in a raucous aviary
Season of rotation sketched onto the site
								code of rings and dots
						         pierces the tympanum
The body unsettles
The body succors on translation
						         Eustachian tubes bursting into bud

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