Paula Grenside
David Ayers
Steve Harris
Howard Miller

Issue 11. We looked back a bit, to the beginning in fact, and saw our first editorial (1999) was written by an old friend ­ Linda Sue Park ­ who has moved on to a fine career as a Newbery Award winning children’s author. (We also know her as a fine poet.) But that’s how Avatar started, with some talented friends meeting online and batting around the possibilities of poetry, art, and the internet. The very looseness of this arrangement has been Avatar’s strength, probably because the give-and-take of friendships was always at the heart of the yearly effort. So here we are once again. And as another dear friend of ours would of said on the release of a new issue: “Looks great; pass the Rioja.”

We couldnt begin this celebration, though, without first giving a special thanks to our former design editor and webmistress, Carol Yocom. Carol, for years you were the one who oversaw the layout and construction of each new issue. You put all the web pages together for us and came up with design ideas that kept Avatar Review looking fresh and modern. With Issue 11, we tried to carry on in that same spirit. Carol, we hope that you will enjoy this new release as much as we enjoyed working with you for all those years.

As for the rest of you…. well, Ditto. We hope that you will enjoy it too.  Stay awhile, won’t you? We’ll see you next summer.

The Eds.