Fernand Hick

Fernand Hick is a very personal and original photographer, whose working-method aims at transferring in his images the feeling he experienced while shooting. He is above all an atmosphere photographer, and he wishes to share them with those who view his pictures.

His main themes are notably:

- The landscape with its magic and fleeting lights.
- The carnival and its fair ambience.
- The cemetery, witness of civilizations, sometime full of poetry and serenity.
- The city where the walls decorated by street artists give life to an environment often depressing.
- The city with its mood, lines, shapes, and men.
- The fairground where youth bursts free.
- The graphisme, fine blending between form, colours, and lights.

His atmosphere capture results from a subtle mixture between fuzzy zones and perfectly sharp zones. In his landscapes, for example, he uses the defocalisation technique that allows him to grasp the ambience. In his approach of carnival, he combines additional flashlight with long shutter speed in order to express the atmosphere of the happening.

His photoworks have appeared in numerous expositions and have been published internationaly.