Al Magnus

Posted on 01 May 2010

Artist’s statement: I’ve always dreamed of landscapes. However, although their photographic representation has been very well achieved by a number of artists, it eventually hits a limit. A landscape goes well beyond its strict representation. It is an invitation. I think it’s an invitation to dream, to reach poetry where each detail holds its own meaning, each element its usefulness, every scene tells a story.

Who’s the person who’s never dreamed of lying on fluffy clouds or frolicking among the stars? Those are a child’s simple emotions somehow reduced within the constraint of traditional photography. I’ve yearned to bring those yet again to the fore in absolute simplicity. When my children came into my playground, it became obvious I had to put them in the frame. Their apparent naivity, added to their spontaneity, allow to make believe in reality for a brief magic instant.

By almost systematically and deliberately putting into those compositions an observer, who is still a child, that impression is enhanced. This series is a delicate mixture of pathos and surrealism as expressed, at least in part, by André Breton: ‘Surrealism rests upon believing in the higher reality of certain forms of associations, up to then neglected, in the almighty power of dreams, in thought’s free play.’

I now live in the south of France.

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