Go ‘Head Girl, Go ‘Head Get Down

Posted on 28 October 2009

With that Vivaldian ferocity,
An end and then an end, the head-strung strings
Must be exhausted (There’s no timpani,
Just furies and Tisiphone in rings
Of dancing octaves.)
though they’ll go again,
Ten times at that. They open up and tow
Me right along, a strong beginning then
Concluding ends beginning, chords, and O
It’s not Vivaldi—someone else.
                                                  If Tell
Can have his overture, the Sugarplum
A song, Travolta stay alive, then swell
A score for me. No. Make it just a hum.

After the rhythms stop, inside a chant
Of breath, the echoes sound a whispered rant.

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