Kombucha Dowry

Posted on 25 September 2009

the beginning of it is a name
the little girl asks
are they all like this

must I be in love
with a girl so terribly young
and beautiful

Carlos the photographer
is still younger
must I model for him

the large German women
speaks in diminutives

I feel a little disembodied
I live in a desert city

the wind howls coolly outside
through the falling sun
my plants are good

my life is a happy mess
full of failure, which
canceling itself out makes
a salad of small successes
I tape it to the refrigerator
the wind howls and howls
it gladdens me
I wonder who it’s scaring
who waits alone
in the middle of the day
embarrassed by some childhood memory
with their pants down
and toothpaste smeared across the mirror
–for Christ’s sake!
there are no rules anymore

the police are ninnies
the sages are the police
only time falling

over everything
50 years is nothing
and I am already the most important prince
with the biggest herd of yaks
licking each other

what is your dowry
how can I please your father
so that you too will know
this wind
this gorgeous howling wind

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