Issue 14
Counting by Hundreds / 8 (2)

      Was it the altitude or the reactions of the shorebirds –
buttons       / straps       / or valves       — a music
suited to the mix and open programs       —       to the light
on gemstones as the many currents fled?
See how the jokes take root       — and       the news
from access points.  And       — later –
in the caverns of the brew pubs       — the dramas
root       — so much       as game-skills
would require       — and       chasing
after storms       — leaving
the young men
partisans       / the young men
counting down
the road hazards
and exits!
      Maybe the experience seemed real       — the panels
of light       — imposed and pierced –
the period colors of the settings       — couples
parked on the ridge road       –
unaware of / under       the close watch of the cruisers –
trouble-shooting love       — given
the kind of day it’s been       — and       overlooking
water.       There’s only this surface
anyway       — ill-starred / charmed       — so much
as you can tell       — only
this bass-horn say       — this cross-spiel
to account       — wooing
their reedy likes       –seeing
these lights turned out
for lengths of Scansion Avenue
/ scaling the gossip
with       enforcement
and passing
      The birds we’d fed for years will seem at least
themselves       — and the dusks
unchanged       — the playgrounds       where wings met
unchanged after a fashion       — except
in the words as shipped      — suppers       sown
and fleshed       — and
in the art you think       — or in the process
of refreshment       — whatever
became of offices       / of lives brought out by shots —
into the moving light they finally tire of —
into surfaces and less       — where the umbrellas
turned       / and       seemed
themselves       to make an answer       — too
little to describe —
too       little       to think of minds
conceiving the likes of minds
all over       — given
the kind of day it’s been
/ given       the course
of the draft postures
/ and of the seas
the ghosts