Issue 14

        A rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into
        parts, each of which is … a reduced-size copy of the whole.


Love, the thought you forgot, the dream.
        Might be the sun,
the smallest part. Maybe the tender rain,
        the mind of God,

divine law. You waited by the elevator,
        didn’t want to stop. Your lips
closer so that one breath. And the tall, full storey
        windows, beloved winter sky.

Think: I will press myself against. Write
        the poem in which everything
will be contained. Watch the color come back.
        Like: the paintings, the words

we heard in the gallery before we slipped away. “This might
        be heaven,” I heard you say, and
“which direction?” Shading your eyes. The way
        the crow flies. Lost

but not lost, being the object or thing so liked,
        the pattern that is not fully seen
but might be the basis for all being. Not like:
        the old love, the stranger

in the other room. Disembodied voice.


As for a parent, child. Turns on the light at night,
        deep affection. Hearing your son
in the background his small, sweet voice.
        Then, bodies in the moment. Desire.

Other languages have more than one word.
        The love of one’s neighbor. The love
of books. Would you like to see a movie, love?

        Perhaps, but tell me, what exists

when you are not here? Fractured
        words. Birds on the shore.
Your voice on the phone wanting more
        and more. Remember,

lying on our backs, the ground warm. And,
        your face in the cold
blue light, the screen blinking off
        and on. It is too irregular

to be easily described. Like the sky
        the infinitely complex clouds.
The kiss, the embrace. The face of god, hidden
        like the poem

I was writing in the dark


each piece like the others: self-
        similarity. Narcissus in the water
braiding his hair, his face a cloud. The cloud
        the shape of the eye. The shape

of the bird, space-filling curve. Love:
        being everywhere continuous
but nowhere differentiable
. The shadows
        over water, the flight;
second sight. The emotion of strong affection.

Its shape is not quite.