Diego Ravalico

Diego Ravalico was born in Trieste in 1959, and lives there still. During his adolescence he spent a lot of time with his aunt who was a painter and she greatly influenced his artistic career. His passion for photography dates back to when he was 15, but it got stronger when he bought his first reflex. In 1987 his photos were published by a national monthly. He worked in a bank and in his free time he loved spending hours in the photo lab of a relative. Later he was offered the opportunity to move to Milan and work in the field of fashion photography, but he decided, though sadly, to refuse the proposal not to lose a safe job. Photography, then, remained a hobby till his wife Marina persuaded him to make it his primary job. In 2008 he subscribed to Photo-net. Since then he has had several magazine publications. In 2009 a French journalist contacted him with the proposal to exhibit his works in a well known gallery in Paris; he accepted and the exhibition was a success. He has exhibited his works in Trieste as well, both at the Comunale d’Arte and at the Chamber of Commerce. Wesbite: http://www.diegoravalico.it/

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