Dariusz Klimczak

Dariusz Klimczak (1967, Sieradz, Poland) has been a photographer for more than 30 years. He creates surreal montages on the basis of his own photos. He prefers b&w squares, but also photographs in color. In his works he uses symbols and archetypes, to provoke the viewer to think or smile. His private ambition is to create a kind of visual esperanto, which would be understood all over the world. He is an author of 25 individual exhibitions.

He is also a composer and producer of an album “Frimagination” by Climax Indigo. He has written 2 books of aphorisms (Aforyzjaki, Klocki ego). Grand Prix winner of the prestigious Lec aphoristic competition (Nowy Targ, Poland, 2005).

He used to be a painter, a journalist and a drummer in a rock band. He has 2 daughters – Nina (2007) and Zoja (2013).