Why Orchids Remind Me of Vaginas

have labia,
above the throat
an anther cap
so like in appearance
a woman’s magic button,

& it is the hummingbird
with its long bill
& fringed tongue
that enters,
to sip
sugar-rich nectar,

& haven’t
you known
your own flower
a hummingman
just so…

The Man with No Heart

He’s a square rock
on a flat plane.
He wears a coat
of shatterproof glass.
He never falls apart.
He never gets lost.
He follows a track
to a one-room house
with a sign on the door,
Do not disturb!
He sleeps with a dog.

His brain is a clock.
His cock is a cuckoo,
pops in, pops out,
& makes no promises.
He’s honest as a knife.
He rides on scotch
to never & nowhere.
He packs light.
Bliss is a country
he will never visit.

Instructions to Myself on My 74th Birthday

Do not lament a world that speaks
in whispers; you have learned
to nod your head, smiling to signify
agreement. Avoid the mention
of creaky joints, the spine’s unstable
tower, a mirror’s betrayals,
gravity’s wrecking ball. Fluster not
with the graveyard of names.

You are awake, you are hungry still.
Having outlived your censors, treat
yourself to a glass of merlot for
breakfast. Tell the must-do’s and
fussbudgets to fuck off. Instruct
each hour in the sacred art of selfish
fulfillment. There is time now
that time is running out.