Wish Granted

I wasn’t even sure of your name, but we became lovers
because we won a trip together, and we took it
when circumstances threw us into the same hammock
what could we do but cuddle?
naked and afraid
then find compatibility in the jungle.
If you don’t get sick, you triumph
Vibrancy grows inside each one
Vitality fills every eye
Vigor every heart
for the luck
that matches up
we animals.

The Woodcutter’s Love

Young spruce believed
In the woodcutter’s love

Woodcutter loved chopping
Under a roof of green

Before the Fall … chill …
Cutter would cleave wood to stack

Twice warmed by pine
And outdoor natural balance

As long as old woodcutter
Doesn’t cut too fast … but he does

He can’t resist any more than fir to grow
Until consumed by light from above

To lie face-up after cutting
Peering through the shades of green

The forest is infinite mystery
Of woodcutter, love and trees.

You On My Tongue

You’re on the tip of my tongue
Your name is there
I don’t rely on memory
I can taste
I can read
The repeated interjections
Calling of names
Not good literature or cinema or sport
No peanuts nor crackerjack
Though there is plenty of salt
Calling moisture
Lovely aroma
Blend, bouquet
Coffee, fruit
Chocolate, rose
Fresh bread, almonds
Spice so nice
On my tongue
Oh baby
It’s you
On my tongue.