I love everybody like they say to

at Sunday School but of course I don’t know
all folks and then there are a lot of them in
the world so I know really only some
and how can I love everyone any
-way if I don’t know ’em, not even their
names, and will never meet but just a few
–that’s what I asked my Sunday School teacher
which stumped her for several seconds but
she rallied against my surprise attack,
not that I knew I was attacking, that’s
the most difficult thing to understand
for me about life. She said They’re to you
what you are to yourself, then I looked out
the porthole of our portable trailer
-classroom and said I see. It wasn’t good.

I don’t want to go to hell when I die

nor Heaven, neither, I want to stay here
on Earth forever for my Afterlife
but at Sunday School it’s impossible
even though with God all things are, all things
are possible, that is, but I guess not
where I get to spend my Eternity,
I get only two choices like I say
but if God is God then why not three, three
is His magic number, the Trinity
and those crossed-up on Cavalry and
the wise men and whatever else I’ve left
out because I’m only ten years old, I
don’t know much of anything save that I
have to die. And we’re out of pizza rolls.

Everyone dies, one day it will be my

turn, so I have to get ready even
though I’m only ten years old, I could die
at any time and if I’m not saved be
-fore then then I’ll wake up dead in Hell and
there’s no future to that, hardly even
any Afterlife worth not living at
all so I pray several times a day that if
I’m killed somehow, run over or strangled
or stabbed or shot or chucked off a cliff then
I’ll go to Heaven and be glad after
all that I expired and think This ain’t so
bad, I could get to like being dead so
long as I don’t have to play a harp or
sing or fly too high, which would scare me good.