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     A Review of Poetry, Prose, and Art - Summer 2001

Rush Hour 2

Lori Anne VanDaele

It's difficult to dislike a Jackie Chan movie. He is an appealing comedic actor and, of course, a talented and inventive practitioner of martial arts. While not as entertaining as the first Rush Hour or as last year's Shanghai Noon, therefore, Rush Hour 2 is still an enjoyable film.

You may recall that the first film ended with our heroes heading back to Hong Kong Inspector Lee to his job and Carter for a vacation. This film picks up from that point. Carter wants to see the sights and enjoy himself, but Lee just works all the time. Soon, Lee is put on a case involving his father's former partner, who also, he feels, had a hand in his murder.

The plot of Rush Hour 2 is murky, the villains ill-defined, and generally they are not as menacing nor their crimes as heinous as in the first film. At the same time, as is typical in Jackie Chan films, there are some great, entertaining fights and several very funny scenes, although Carter's interaction with the chicken could have been extended. All in all, this is a mindlessly entertaining way to spend a couple of hours.


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