3.Avatar Review
     A Review of Poetry, Prose, and Art - Summer 2001


Arthur Durkee
Burning Boy Sutra
Flood Peak 2001, Minneapolis, Minn.
Weasels are Inedible

Paula Grenside
An Italian Artist: Gina Roma

Wes Hyde
Prose Poems
Land Manatees
Van Gogh (The Starry Night)

cg-canned hare: Claudia Grinnell
Canned Hare, by Claudia Grinnell

Clem Kilroy
The Problem

Rebecca Loudon
Mozart is in her Brain
A Fable

Rebecca Loudon and Glenn Werner
Todd & Tiffany—UNmail

Ro Miller
Atlanta Nocturne
Goldfish Dreams
Sit Down and Write Something


Dr. Eugene Omar Nolrac III, PhD.
The Award-winning, Juice of Love

Sparky Quagmire
Where the Hell is Pat Conroy?
Searching for Pat Conroy in Mexico

Eric Woodgates
Appendix C, Western Civilization: 1950 to Present

Sylvie Z.
Untitled Photograph

Canned Woman

ra-canned coat: Rodney Armstrong
Canned Crest, by Rodney Armstrong

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