3.Avatar Review
     A Review of Poetry, Prose, and Art - Summer 2001

The Award-winning, Juice of Love

by Dr. Eugene Omar Nolrac III. PhD.

Juice of Love Girl woke from her putris
caritas dream the instant before her trigger
was fired. She'd been dreaming about her hog.

Marlene snatched an ice cream bar
from the freezer, donned her Madonna
motorcycle jacket and sailed naked
as a jailbird out the door.

Nothing new, she hollered at the other trailers
sitting on the steps; one hand idly
shooing flies from between her legs.
The spotted hog ran in and out,

in and out, in and out, of its not so little
in-and-out door.
The trailers remained mute in the bright
clear sunny-noon day sun.

A cat ran around like circles in the yard.
Marlene felt its pain and shrugged,
I should go back to bed and dream of my true love,
romantic nights in candlelit-black
forests we once shared.

If only Lenny weren't in the joint,
I'd have a wet spot to coo in the middle
of, she added to herself adding,
nothing's happening again.

I wish Georgia would call and let me
know how Marcie's bladder is doing.
Gosh, last I heard it was inflating
like a hot air balloon. I'd tell her.

Marlene fired a stogie with the shooing hand.
Puff, puff, puff.
It smells like rotten potatoes in there,
but it's like a gas chamber
out here, she muttered

to no one as no one was near.
Marlene rose with a sigh, and the sigh rose
with her. The Juice of Love Girl
flicked once more

at the flies, smoothed her jacket,
rose and strolled inside,
never realizing she'd found the only
reasonable way to keep them
off her ice cream bar.

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