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     A Review of Poetry, Prose, and Art - Summer 2001

An Italian Artist: Gina Roma

by Paula Grenside

      Gina Roma was born in Tezze di Piave, Italy (TV). After Liceo Artistico, she attended the Academy of Beaux Arts in Venice. From the first phase, clearly influenced by Saetti, where drawing and colors weave in a texture limited by formal restrictions, her brush opens, explores new forms of expression: the artist's vitality fuses with her high, technical skill. Poetry, elegy is the reading key to her work in the last decades. The poetic aspect is transferred in her representation of nature, in the force- symbol of color.

      She belonged to the Venetian group of painters in the 1950-70's: Carena, Guidi, Santomaso, Sassu, Vedova. Still a student at the Academy, she was the only woman artist whose works were accepted at the Biennial Exhibition of Modern Art in Venice. In 1961, again, the only woman artist, among the 13 Italian painters, invited to the International Biennial of Art In San Paulo, Brazil.

Gina Roma at Work: Gina Roma at work.
Gina Roma at Work

      Over a period of 60 years, her works have been exhibited all over Italy and Europe, South America, Canada and United States ( New York). US collections in New York and Washington count some of her finest paintings.

      Vital, passionate, she keeps painting and daring: at the age of 77 she frescoed the church in Catena di Villorba (TV).

Her work:

Red River
Red River - by Gina Roma: This is by Gina Roma; oil on canvas.

Paradises-Sweet Night
Paradises-Sweet Night by Gina Roma: Gina Roma Paradises-Sweet Night

Blossoming On The Andes
Blossoming On The Andes by Gina Roma: Gina Roma- Blossoming On The Andes

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