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     A Review of Poetry, Prose, and Art - Summer 2001

Todd & Tiffany—UNmail

by Rebecca Loudon and Glenn Werner

Dear Todd,
this poem is for you.

My Love
For you is like
A poem
that speaks
at its
Is Love.

love, Tiffany

Dear Tiffany,
I wrote this poem just for you!!!!! I changed a few words since the last time you read it.

My love for you cries out like a
rose in bloom.
Your cheeks are pink as
a rose.
The night is black as
night in my room where
I dream of your rosy lips.

love, Todd
Dear Todd,
This is nice. But you should never change a poem. It makes it impure (?)
unpure? whatever. A poem is a song that must free itself from the heart.
To change it after it has flown is like clipping its wings.

love, Tiffany
Dear Tiffany,

At night my heart is
a silent
I ache in my loin
for your rosy
heaving breasts.

The moon is big and
yellow hung in
the sky like a big
yellow ball
and the night is
dark and screaming
in my dark, dark, soul,
my dark soul of the

Love, Todd

For Todd who loves my Rosey Cheeks, A Haiku

Oh Todd,

Thow art so sensitive.
Like listening to Metalica.

Love, Tiffany

Dear Tiffany,

My love for you flies like
a free bird, flies from
trees and dark, darkened streets,
tweet, tweet, my love cries
your name, your dark night
mistress name.



Oh, Todd. Oh.

You're so gifted. don't ever stop ever. Keep it coming forever
until you fill my well with your soullfull beauty. Todd, you are my
soul friend forever. That is why I know You would really like
Hank who I met at the lake this summer. He is so much like you
It's magic.

Dear Tiffany,

I hear dark screams in
the night.
the moon is a dark cry in
my soul.
my darkness cries out to
you, your beauty like a
rose with thorns that poke
my soul with

Come to me, my rose,
my dewy rose covered in
dew. Let me touch your
heaving breasts, your rosey,
dewy lips, like the
morning dew.

In my dark soul,
I shouteth to the darkening sky.

Todd, did you write this before or after our fight because it won't work
if you wrote it after, I can't be fooled, but if you wrote it before then
that's different and you're so sweet and I know you'll fogive me for
what I did with Hank.


Dear Tiffany,

I will drink from your
well. your rose scented
dewy well.
I will drink as
my soul cries out in the
night, the dark, dark night.
I will dip my cup in
your well of beauty
and drink the dark wine
of the well of your beauty.
You are so beautiful,
you are like a bird so
free in the sky
crying darkly,



Hank is gay. Tyler told me yesterday, in gym.
And he picks his nose in class and eats it.
p.s.s. I want my t-shirt back.

Hank ain't gay.
But I'll ask him for your tee shirt back.
But he looks sooooo cool in it.


Dear Tiffany,
You break my
heart with your thorn
words, my heart bleeds
tears of soul, my sorrow
cries out in the dark, dark
soulless night.
Your rosey lips are black
as the dark night, your
soul smells bad like dead
roses in dark dark water.
I cry in the night like a dark
bird, crying, oh cry oh tiny
dark bird, cry.


p.s. My dad just said that your mom is getting a really fat ass.
Dear Todd,

My dad said that your mom better stop hanging around by the Lincoln
tunnel or she's bound to pop more turds like you!

And I fucked Hank in your Tee shirt!

Dear Tiff,

Becky Brisbane, who takes P.E. with you, told me about all that hair on your stomach and around your nipples.

I hope your mom can still fit in her car to buy you some NAIR.

She's a fucking Liar, Todd!! I'll kick that bitch when I see her.

Dear Tiffany,

I'll love you forever, but Becky Brisbane said she'd blow me if I did her math for her tomorrow night.
Don't be mad, I'll love your forever.

Go ahead, She's got the clap.
Dear Tiffany,
You won't believe what a good time I had at Becky Brisbane's last night.
Sorry to hear your dad is back on the drugs again.
Maybe this time rehab will help.
I can't help but notice your thighs are getting kind of wiggly.
Becky Brisbane has PlayStation 2.
your friend,
I love you Todd,

Why do we fight? When I come back I'll do that thing you love me to do.
I'll bet Becky Brisbane doesn't know how and wouldn't if you asked.

Todd? Todd? can't we make up?
For Tiffany,

You are a dark hair princess
dark as the night bird sings and
your rose is red as a rose.
When I think of you my
hands get sweaty
and my soul cries out
in the dark, dark night,
the deep well of the dark night
like a bird who wants to fly free to


See you tomorrow at lunch. I have "lunchables"!!!!!

love, todd
Pizza- Lunchables!!??

Ok see yuh!

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