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The Point Is Synaptic Media

by John "Clem" Kilroy

Because of technology costs, Mass Media is pre-approved by a single individual of accumulated wealth—king or corporate CEO. Legend is free, requiring only the approval of each individual who retells the story. History—product of Mass Media—and Legend tell different truths, different lies. In Merchant Culture, Synaptic Media is mistrusted because the message is not delivered in a display of accumulated wealth. The Internet is the Planet Earth getting wired with a central nervous system. Earth (Gaia) meets the scientific definition of a single living organism, and now is evolving a brain—consciousness. An idea exists in electronic mail and travels only as far as each person operating their PC chooses to pass it along. While Mass Media is a shotgun model, in Synaptic Media, the message is a single 'bullet' that carries enormous power. The message 'leaps across,' or shoots through, an individual to another individual down the line. By its nature, poetry is complex, profound and bold—never a product for Mass Media. Because of the expense involved, Mass Media Marketers are motivated strictly by fear of looking stupid. They only invest in the most minute variations possible of what has proven profitable. CYA. In Synaptic Media, the idea, the meme, will reproduce in the minds most fertile for it—individually, one at a time. There are people horny for the profound, the complex, the bold. Synaptic Media is the winds of weather, the ocean currents, that carry new meme life. This life engine has been wrecked in Merchant Culture because Synaptic Media is a poor conduit of marketing messages (the dumb, the boring, the untrue). Whatever happens to Planet Earth environmentally happened first in culture. The grim parking structure is built by the grim. In Shaman Culture, Synaptic Media thrives because we value what makes our brains most buzz and pop. These particular memes reach you through people with whom you share joy. Mass Media requires technology and calculation to be profitable. Synaptic Media requires faith and magic. Poetry on the internet is right brain activity of Planet Earth. If you sense the heat and weight of synaptic fire, aim the voltage at a like-minded individual.

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