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Don Taylor

drinks Irish whiskey sometimes and smokes cigars never, since they are now banned, along with pipes, at poker tables in Vegas. Writing poetry and short stories comes in at an exciting seventh of necessary things to do, according to this 65-year old grandfather of five-- watching the kids T-ball games, eating tacos and ice cream, playing poker, ogling cocktail girls, hanging around with the wife, watching college and pro sports often takes preference. Taylor has a doctorate in English with a specialty in botany. Success in the construction business took him away from teaching from 1977 to 1991. He resumed teaching in 1991 and has taught at Wichita State University, Friends University, Kansas Newman College, and Butler Community College. "I read Thomas DeQuincey and go west four times a year," he says. "I know how lemon pop tastes; I love gambling and The Great Gatsby. I am fascinated by Palinurus."

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