Issue 7 :: Spring 2005  
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AnnMarie Eldon


spring has promoted her approach
first with earthen ramparts completed
fortress no longer squat and brooding
backbone replaces wooden structures

she is more used to bloodstone
when her first trust-leaves appear
and fruit develops her need is as-balsam poplar: gives off
a characteristic odour

sour sweet lush ferrous-citrouscrush
yet as one of the few sizable persons
that can be used as ornamentals
in towns and villages she bastions

and the curtains that connect them
up to 10-12 metres high and 20 metres wide
consist of two walls outer, up to 8 metres thick, and
inner, 2 metres thick. Between casemates

for munitions and garrison correctibles
helping and advising others always typically giving
typically found in low-lying moist

they do not know she prefers the alluvial
shorelines of his sloop
waterways along his head-loop
and lakes lakes eyes

she's baptised. It forms pure stands
but also is found with other species
that grow in wet areas such as
speckled alder wraiths and willow un

-certainties. It associates fir, eh firm
white and black spruce
black and white spruce
clear intentions

interior cobbles up to 300 metres high
three globes clicking clicking conjoining time
   and trembling aspen
     and trembling              actually
                   trembling as well

wood varies
nearly white to greyish or reddish brown
light, soft and low in strength
this is faith


pulpwood all worlds now against one distinct
spirit has promoted her approach
she is more used to bloodstone
sour sweet lush ferrous-citrouscrush and the curtains

that connect them
from within munitions and garrison correctibles
they do not know she prefers the alluvial
shes baptised. It forms pure. Stands

certainties. It associates firm
interior cobbles up to 300 metres high
the alluvial shorelines of his sloop waterways along his head-loop
and lakes lakes eyes

fortress falls and her develops give off
a characteristic odour
sky excelsior and walls forth, call
and it is accomplished

notebook(s) 2

He does not see the photograph of her daughter, marked
'I/1 American 14-6'
digitalised sepia.
He has given up all peach for bullets.
Shot at people he didn't mean to he meant to lie

there. He was guiding by Gemini with Perseus in the offing:
Mirphak, Algol, Atik, Gorgonea Terti and Miram faded by a rising
There is a berm of jealousy plaiting through his mind. In any
case his muscles have performed their quotidian.
They are indistinguishable from barque bobs.
Waves too.

The angles, their zig-
His skinoil spicks dull in mizzen shadows.
Fire but he's not sure where she burns.
She, who conforms to The Law of Contagion.
Met in a souk.
Sold him a knotted cord.

God, there were forty.
He should have many many many times done penance
He's stuck.
He smells her.
Begins his private callianti rising pulling levelling and pushing-
moves prises mounting and cries out and the entire a wood an empire in oak lev-

a slight rain on his padflesh on his neckpart
He has given blood.
Tantamount to furious gale.
He has untied as far as the third knot would.
His breasts have blackbled mother's creosote.

She bletted him by a simple look.
They were caulked as if not material beings.
As if wind after wouldn't all pull them.
She smiled just once.
Spit into his palm.
Gyred there.

Crude. He tries to wake up by creating scenarios that follow not
modus ponens but
modus tollens.
As if he could.

She gave him, as a sort of token,
a petticoat piece.
A free gift because he ordered. There should not be that Archilochus-like menstrual spot this far out so white so huge so cold north north east so tiny so so

clews him.
Her voice hypnotises each soak sound bugger me bugger me bugger me she pleads and no air to breathe until he does a fifth and a sixth and he has so many to go cross my

The riggings shear, pre-rent. Fore nor aft, he doesn't recognize his own.
His baby girl.
There are toffees on a plate. Her
hair curls just how it should if he could

recall it.
Below the plimsoll line weed makes bountiful amethyst egg-spew
seven eight
even though target practises strict rules. Misam blinks but that's not
my own hold hold part- hold brood hold- familiar pout. His

God has fallen a star.
Should their gold flutter
His flesh breaks. Love so much. After all, after all.
His demurrage underpaid long, long overdue.

and counting, and counting

notebook(s) 2
another time, another

Trace thread dunes between them,
handheld webbery, chemistry silica for-Godot.
Humid filaments none but breath pushes.
They fillet words. Bones

but no bones but bones. Stalk about.
Feet flail a beach which white enough to want to become her. Her
skin stalks. Cladded disharmony; he keeps his hands pock-
eted. There is rope--bridge. Co-joined conditions bind.
Matrices needing and pleading and filigree fronds backdrop and adorn their

walk. Someone could well be moving scenery past.
Freefall uncommittal proceedings implore. It came to nought.
There is vow vortex hidden in a draw but this domestic
not mathematical. There were fabulous, simply fabulous. Sunsets. It was beautiful. It was beautiful sunsets. No doubt about it.

He wends windward. Vassal.
She control vessel. There could be a story. Like a novel, like.
Badinage. Banter anchor. There's no.
No substance. Perhaps
tyranny, perhaps
language but not talk. Fails to sheet

her. Capsize Screening Formula calculated. A feint resurgence.
Might trap and pet and scrunch and a lone sand dollar.
The higher the number the more vulnerable is.
Jellying phantom. Vow stability. Say anything.

Nought for steerage. Miming mud.
A Great Blue fishes moon'sfullight. In other parts news:
bombs, drugs, commercial, carnage breaks. Then haar:
was doing fishless penance in a winking night
across salt marsh sandbars Snowy Egret, Whimbral aid
                       m irage all is

                       responseless stuff memories flat lost it was
hot it was very hot we sweated
Birdheads tilt motion. Less in catchless vanity than in demand.

Certainly there's no security to be had or ever or
tie his nausea rolling hitch.
Her bitter end, her the bight, her indomitable stood the standing part

not. Parted, the loop-gossip. There was no
fear. She got the twine. Definitely twine.
The burn was real. The spite.

Sentiment is all there. If history.
Indian mounds where funeral rites would have been.
Calico scallops, lightening whelks, perforation sh'rds,
king crown conches, archaeology, postered shaman words

which he doesn't know preferring always Pragmatism dull dull Pragmatism not European we have no tradition for. That and he cannot knit and cannot knit
her to him and. Forlorn voices buffet sudden. Must crave and tug and
kneed and bleed her in. They never did a tour. They only ever went

as far as to read a brochure. They were so clever. Built everything
from oyster.
They killed families.
They have children but won't each other's.
The City mistakenly cut the thing in half, had destroyed
Half! before experts took over.

come stroke my brow take passage keep kiss keep no table especially tides
His proscriptive behaviour missalled subtlest permission ill-

"Will you commit?" asked ebbless at dawn. Was acquiesced into an apostasy of

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