Maggie Westland

P.T. to T.O.

Who said So Cal can't give you transport
Public buses travel all over LA county
You can even make transfers across lines
Smuggle yourself to Ventura
Make way to T.O. or Moorpark
It is only required that you know
Where the buses go, where they stop
You must figure this out by yourself
As their phone lines are manned with the mindless
And even the other commuters are blind to your answers
Their rote remoteness buried in three hours each way
Costing as much to get there and back as minimum
Wages they earn as busboys, dust girls
Those who serve behind mall counters
Or silent stockers in storerooms
It is even possible to travel as reporter
Report via radio, public or private
How many miles you must walk between wheels
Stops and wrong change into the bargain


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