Issue 9 :: Summer 2007 
Avatar Review

Maurice Oliver

“Skip #86” Sonnet

I have my reasons. For instance, the
ability to carry a brimming teacup
across a crowded station for one.
To carve a world from an aerodrome
of downed power lines for another.
Cloned orchestra conductors and
a new symphony composed for an
odometer instead of a grandfather
clock makes sense to me too. Tarred
toast. Rat-tailed soup. Lead feathers.
A forest after forest after forest with
no shortage of pine cones. Or maybe
a lamp on a table that fits. Books
that can read to themselves. What
we don't need is more defiant
caterpillars. Edible snails. Beauty
when it's not accidental. And of
course, those few who walk around
asking “why”.

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