Index of Contributors

Acuff, Gale

Poetry, AV11: Orienting

Adams, Caroline

Visual Art, AV5: Absentee • Austin on Sunday • Hazard Street • Launch

Adams, Randy

Visual Art, AV5: Age Bridge • Car Bridge • Old Mans Bridge • Street Bridge

Aitken, Neil

Poetry, AV8: Considering Photography • Seeking Shelter at -50Ί • To the Street Musician

Aiyar, Shekhar

Poetry, AV8: Diary of a Student • Postcard from Bishkek

Alexander, Mike

Poetry, AV4: Dressage • Fragment of Poem on Cylinder • Penfyr: Juice of Love Girl • True Thomas • Vigil

Ames, Brian

Prose, AV7: Four Sins Wanting Pardon

Ames, Gregorio

Poetry, AV12: The Ears of My Toes • Death Stairs Into the Fridge

Ang, Arlene

Poetry, AV7: On the Nature of Threads and Jackknives • The Consequences of Monsoons • Mistress Qian Catches Her Son’s Third Wife Naked in the Lake

Anthony, David

Poetry, AV4: Is This the Proper Way? • To Gerard Manley Hopkins • Water Bearer

Poetry, AV10: Flower Seller

Araghi, Alireza Taheri

Prose, AV14: Gramma

Armstrong, Rodney

Poetry, AV3: Milkweed • Particles

UN, AV3: Canned Crest

Arora, Namit

Prose, AV9: On Being Spiritual

Arthur-Simons, David

Visual Art, AV10: God is the Mind with which I think • I am one Self, united with my Creator • I merely follow for I would not lead • My home awaits me • Only God’s plan for salvation will work • Father, my freedom is in You alone

Atkinson, Peter

Poetry, AV13: Winter Hunt

Ayers, David

Interview, AV5: Wes Hyde, Artist

Interview, AV8: Interview with Robert Bohm

Review, AV8: Astoria, by Malena Mφrling

Review, AV9: Fata Morgana, by Reginald Shepherd

Review, AV10: Velocity, by Nancy Krygowski

Review, AV12: Love and Strange Horses, by Nathalie Handal

Bahr, Jeffrey

Poetry, AV2: Morality Play • The Ex Arrives at Easter • There’s Nothing Wrong With You

Poetry, AV6: In The Bunker • Colorado • Fred and Betty Take Their Vitamins in Estes Park

Baker, Theresa

Visual Art, AV6: Courtyard • Deity of the Oak Tree • Garden • Stupa • Konos Castle • Fetus

Balbo, Ned

Poetry, AV14: Marco Polo Writes in His Journal • Marco Polo Avoids a Naked Man • Marco Polo Gets a Blister from New Shoes • Marco Polo Sightseeing • Marco Polo at a Restaurant

Balestreri, Martino

Visual Art, AV7: Behind the Fenice • Highwater • Linen • Riodella Torre

Ballard, T.E.

Poetry, AV6: Hide

Becker, Susan Nisenbaum

Poetry, AV13: Enough • Dear Log:

Benchehda, Abdennabi

Prose, AV12: The Daughter of Dr. Putrus

Bender, Brian

Poetry, AV14: Out There • Child • Burying the Dead • Kingdom

Bennett, Bob

Visual Art, AV10: Broken Down • Camera Obscura • Descent • Two Images

Bennett, Eleanor

Art, AV14: Ice and Mesh • Under the Weather • Get Back Better • Silence and Peace

Bennett, Eric

Prose, AV12: The Truth About Love

Bennett, Martin

Poetry, AV7: Ted Hughes, 1983 • Bar Fantastico

Bennett, Nina

Poetry, AV13: Seven Sisters • Wear Your Love Like Heaven

Bethel, Nicolette

Poetry, AV10: The Widow Addresses Her Late Husband

Poetry, AV13: Fear of Frogs: Eyes • Fear of Frogs: Throats • Fear of Frogs: Underbellies • Fear of Frogs: Glass

Bhatnagar, Sandeep

Prose, AV8: Tide Water

Bigley, Lynne

Poetry, AV6: Rancho Milagro • The Orange Clock

Bishop, George

Poetry, AV10: Pop

Blagg, Carmelinda

Prose, AV10: Geographies

Blair, Jenn

Poetry, AV12: All I Wanted to Know • Caveats

Blue, Beau

Poetry, AV9: Misa

Blue, Jane

Poetry, AV7: Jacaranda • Wide Sargasso Sea • Jury System

Bohm, Robert

Poetry, AV5: Bridging the Disconnected: Five Poems

Poetry, AV8: A Phenomenology of the Simple • Chico’s Diner & Outside • My Father Died Six Years Ago • Seeing and Not Seeing • Three Memories of the Factual

Visual Essay, AV9: Studying the Undefined

Bonaduce, Julie

Poetry, AV2: Diamond Sutra • Elysian Bar and Grill • Esther Weeps • Mary Hedger’s Place On April Fool’s Day • Mary, Mary • Pollack Paints The Confessional • Quarry • U.S. History • Wednesday

Bostick, Ben

Flash, AV10: complet thought (4) • complet thought (5)

Boyar, Theresa

Poetry, AV7: Sea-Girls

Bradley, Robert

Prose, AV7: Hydrogen Moon

Prose, AV14: Stages, Large and Small

Bradshaw, Bob

Poetry, AV8: Biography of a Mummy

Brannigan, Shevaun

Poetry, AV14: Hitler Disapproves • Glow • I was an accident • Get to Know Me

Brown, Tatyana

Poetry, AV14: Depth Perception • This is Why I Do Not Invite You to Parties

Browning, Teri

Visual Art, AV3: Arching Nude 2 • Bastard • Beehive • Disagreement • Flapper • Waiting for Communion • WordSpew

Brownstein, Michael H.

Poetry, AV12: Reign of Ash • The Caterpillar Wars • This is How Shadows Lay Across Cement Blocks or How Mist Can Block the Sun

Poetry, AV14: Water and a Lack of Wire • The Set of Her Body

Bryan, Haleh

Visual Art, AV10: Junction • Unspoken • While You Were Gone • Rusty Old Feelings • Protection • Land of No Words

Buck, Janet

Poetry, AV3: All The Things Our Silence Says • The Cop’s Wife • The Livid Moon • The Loaded Wishing Well • The Wine Cellar

Buckner, Garth

Prose, AV9: The Origins of Solitude

Burchell, Graham

Poetry, AV10: Red Rock Cafι

Burt, Stephen

Poetry, AV7: Miami Beach • Canal Park Drive • Moscow for Teens • Frightening Garden Tools (Invade Your Dream)

Butler, Janet

Poetry, AV9: patchwork: Tuscan hills

Byfield, Sam

Poetry, AV9: First Lightning in a Year

Calhoun, Jeffrey

Poetry, AV11: We looked for a ninja spirit, Japan, 2002 • Flying to Portland for a funeral • Returning the favor

Cammarosano, Maryellen

Poetry, AV13: Filling the Pail

Campbell, Robert

Poetry, AV13: Penitence • Ignus Fatuus

Cano, Valentina

Poetry, AV13: Wildness • Depression

Caporale, Robert

Prose, AV6: breaking and entering

Cappello, Katie

Poetry, AV10: Inheritance • Insomnia

Carlsen, Rebekha

Poetry, AV13: The Shiver Underneath

Carrington, Patrick

Poetry, AV9: The Elders • Absorbed into a Penny Dreadful • Ballerinas

Carter, Jared

Poetry, AV9: Last Visit

Carter, Julie

Poetry, AV10: These thoughts are messages, hog-tied to rocks • The tangerine dreams of electric juicers • Fork • The dead man dreams • The minotaur ate the pastor’s wife (and her hat) • The Sorrowful Tale of the Urban Woodsman • Whatever you’ve come here to get is gone

Castleberry, R. T.

Poetry, AV8: Leaving Alexandria

Poetry, AV11: The Feminine Scale

Cervine, Dane

Poetry, AV10: Finding My Father’s Dream

Chaffin, C.E.

Poetry, AV2: Aleph • Beyond Courtesy • Compact • Degenerative Disk Disease • Fairy Tale • For a Night

Poetry, AV8: Mesquite • Wading the Smith

Poetry, AV11: Diminished • Beginning with the Pleiades

Chakravarti, Srinjay

Poetry, AV7: The Invisible River • Snapshot of the Silver River • Kala Pani

Chelotti, Dan

Poetry, AV9: Ljubljana

Childress, Susanna

Poetry, AV13: Halfway to the Jesse James Wax Museum • Everybody Must Pass Stones

Chinquee, Kim

Flash, AV10: Plugs • Purple

Christensen, Ceridwen

Review, AV12: Inherent Vice, by Thomas Pynchon

Christman, Rick

Prose, AV1: Schroeder’s Arm • Six Lucky Men • Whiteout, Boondocks, Iowa

Ciccariello, Peter

Art, AV13: Stigmergy I • Primordial Language III • Having Been Here Before • Artifact Redux

Cinanni, Maria

Poetry, AV13: Sunday Coffee • Haiku Letter • Sunset Over Lake • The Sound of Waves

Cincala, Todd Christopher

Poetry, AV8: Peephole • The Cows

Ciraolo, Laura A.

Poetry, AV14: The Breath of God • Deep Time • Instructions for Sending the Rain in Summer

Clark, Antonia

Poetry, AV14: Ode to What Settles • Dιnouement • Startled By My Reflection at Dusk

Clements, Wiley

Poetry, AV5: To Carmela on the Ocean

Colby, Joan

Poetry, AV13: Blizzard • Age

Cole, Douglas

Prose, AV8: Wink from a Blind Man

Prose, AV11: White Center

Cole, Kristian

Poetry, AV9: Mutilated by Rebels

Contreras, Claire

Poetry, AV12: Summer Simmer • After Klass

Cooke, Sean

Poetry, AV9: Fear Up • My Sailboat

Cooper, Jason

Poetry, AV13: Somewhere in Bahrain

Courington, Chella

Poetry, AV12: Jeopardy

Covino, Peter

Poetry, AV7: An Oyster Leads a Dreadful But Exciting Life … • L’Iomara • Medicine of Language

Craig, Hannah

Poetry, AV6: For M. • He Moves the Chair • His is the Night Air

Crisafi, Rosemarie

Poetry, AV7: Abandoned by the Hudson

Crombie, Lara

Poetry, AV12: one for hiding under beds. • verisimilitude

Crow, Sara

Interview, AV14: Interview with Bryan D. Dietrich

Review, AV14: The Assumption, by Bryan D. Dietrich

Cummings, John Michael

Prose, AV9: The Cannon

Dacus, Rachel

Poetry, AV2: A Pot of Humuhumunukunukuapua’a • Blood-Cycle Brooding • Earth Whale • Quetzalcoatl • Why Shouldn’t I

Poetry, AV5: Ballet Teacher’s Catechism • Ghazal of White • Morning Mnemonic • Night Wind in the Garden • The Snap

Prose, AV2: The Challenge of the Title

Dallefrate, Dario

Visual Art, AV6: Hard Work • Sky ‘n Wall • Columns • Old Aeolian House • Reflection in Venice • Town in a Mirror

Dattini, Glauco

Visual Art, AV11: Basilica Massenzio • Gianicolo Lighthouse • Ponte Sisto • Tempio di Ercole Vincitore • Santa Agnese in Agone

Dawson, Erica

Poetry, AV12: Repossessed • Go ‘Head Girl, Go ‘Head Get Down • Stasimon • Master of Fine Arts

de Villiers, Antoine

Visual Art, AV6: Yulunga • Becoming Me • Spreading Wings • Gateway of Life • Cosmos • Guillaume • With Tomorrow

Demaree, Darren

Poetry, AV9: Awaiting Picture Postcards • Hand Covers Mouth • Passion to the Kiss

Dennison, Michael

Poetry, AV10: Dream Sonnet (From Dante’s La Vita Nuova) • Song for a Daughter • The Wedding

Devine, Andy

Prose, AV6: Words You Shouldn’t Use in Fiction, a Selection

Di Fruscia, Patrick

Visual Art, AV8: Beyond the Sea • Blue Oyster Cult • Finish Line • Ice Warming • Morning Mist • Mystical Morning • Snow Tracks

Di Vincenzo, Francesco

Poetry, AV7: Medicina Mirabilis

Diaz, G.F.

Visual Art, AV9: Revenge of the Elk • Elk Valley • Rhino on Road

Dickey, Paul

Poetry, AV6: Breaking Into Unlocked Hearts

Poetry, AV9: Photographs of Door County

Flash, AV11: December • Dad Ever Since He Retired

Diehl, Barbara Westwood

Poetry, AV12: The Botanist Lectures, After His Betrayal • We Weather Them • A Thought Upon Departure from the Body

DiMatteo, Anthony

Poetry, AV14: A Square Inch • No Words But In Water

Dionne, Pamela Moore

Poetry, AV3: Another Triumph • Beautiful Intelligence • Dementia Praecox • Jung’s Jewess • Leitmotiv • Narrow Courtrooms • Sabina Breaking Silence • Sexual Instinct/Death Instinct • The Diary • What I Want • The Organic Untruthfulness of Woman

Dominowski, Daniel

Flash, AV12: Dead/Alive Cats

Donald, Erika

Poetry, AV11: Need

Doreski, William

Poetry, AV14: The Ghost Hand Follows Me Everywhere

Dorr, Jennifer

Poetry, AV10: Princess and the Pea, New Delhi

Dun, Aidan Andrew

Poetry, AV7: Mega-Lightning • Badger

Durkee, Arthur

Poetry, AV3: adrift off the Cyclades • In Lorca’s Granada • La Madonna • Rose Runes • The Last Words of Henri Matisse

UN, AV3: Burning Boy Sutra • Flood Peak 2001, Minneapolis, Minn. • Weasels are Inedible

UN, AV4: By Jingo • Raptor • Weasel Warrior

Visual Art, AV3: Calligraphy of the Body • Prince of Air • The Hague 1999 • Water Ring Gate • Written on the Blood

Visual Art, AV4: Crow Dance • Crows 1 • Hand of Time

Edwin, Joshua Daniel

Poetry, AV13: Diagnosis • Visiting • Queenless • Breathless

Eldon, AnnMarie

Poetry, AV7: balms • sailing • another time, another

Poetry, AV9: rush

Elgin, Ethan

Poetry, AV10: December 7, 1951: 7pm • Sunken Ships, Not Pirates

Eliav, Eva

Flash, AV12: Giving In

Elizabeth, Erin

Poetry, AV3: A Letter Larger Than • Cremating Ishtar • Simply a Poem on Wanting • This is Not Rhode Island • Writing Letters to Allie, in the Psych Ward

Estabrook, Michael

Poetry, AV13: Sticks and Straw • No Gulls

Estes, Trace

Poetry, AV11: Mr. Gray Steels for Winter

Ethridge, Emily

Prose, AV5: But Goodbye

Evental, Pnina

Art, AV14: Cranes in the Morning • I Am a Reflection • The Acrobat • To Hug a Tree • Birds in Couple • Washing Time

Evtimova, Zdravka

Prose, AV8: Travelling to Italy

Fallon, M.T.

Prose, AV11: Seventy

Fedokto, Vladimir

Visual Art, AV10: Fedokto 1 • Fedokto 2 • Fedokto 3 • Fedokto 4 • Fedokto 5 • Fedokto 6

Fenton, William

Flash, AV12: Redecorating the study

Fink, Lisa

Poetry, AV14: Her Disco [2] • Little Lament • No Vacancy • Her Disco [3] • Her Disco [4]

Fisk, Brent A.

Poetry, AV10: Book Sale in the Rain • Because in dreams

Foley, Brian

Poetry, AV11: Yesterday Was My Birthday • Accent • Taxonomy • Sweet Charity • Blue Roomate • Lullaby To The One Who Won’t Say Goodnight • Brain in a Vat

Fox, Hugh

Poetry, AV13: The Eternal

Fraley, Jason

Poetry, AV8: Autumnal • The Need to Leave Quietly

Fredd, Don

Prose, AV11: Life While You Wait

Frischkorn, Suzanne

Poetry, AV3: 4 Kinds of Water • Lament of a Tone Deaf Poet • Monday Morning at the Post Office • The Regular Wins a Door Prize

Poetry, AV9: Camagόey, Cuba • What I Know of Sugarcane • Spanish

Fullerton, J. Wes

Poetry, AV2: 1944 • 21 flavors • bermuda triangle • breakfast time in the city of wilderness • Dear K. • dimebag in blue • goodbye coney island • Salvation Blues • you’re better off with a dog

Furman, Rich

Poetry, AV5: Crossings • Dad’s Desk

Gad-Cykman, Avital

Flash, AV12: Insomnia

Gamache, Laura

Poetry, AV6: Walking Up To It All The Time • After the Primate House Demolition

Garmann, Gerburg

Art, AV13: Life’s Essentials • Stepping Forward • Song for Her Children • Love IV

Garner, Peter

Poetry, AV5: Caroline • Harmonie du Soir • Red Letter Day • Twelve Miles Through the Woods

Gaubert, Ronnie

Art, AV12: Untitled • A Moment in Time • Reflections in a Cypress Swamp • Draped in Morning Light • Tranquility • Fragile Existence

Gerke, Greg

Flash, AV12: Fruit Survey

Gersen, Hannah

Prose, AV12: The Temp Job

Gibbons, Robert

Flash, AV10: Marble Stele of Kosmetes Sosistratos • The Science of Language in Dreams

Gingerich, Debra

Poetry, AV7: How to Show Decay Without Filming a Rotting Carcass • Losing Ground

Glazer, Jeremy

Prose, AV13: Flies

Golub, Peter

Poetry, AV12: For Anna • The Pelican • December • Kombucha Dowry

Goossens, Ben

Visual Art, AV7: Flow of Time • Last Drop • Silent Heights • Story of the Very Beginning • Tinned Freedom

Gopoian, Rebecca

Flash, AV6: Walking Song • Plunge • Partridges on the Stairs • Talking Through Walls

Graber, Margaret

Poetry, AV14: Poem for the Glassmaker • Bees Turn House Into Hive • In the Garden • The Sweatshirt

Graber, Michael

Poetry, AV1: A Little Light Music • George Jones Goes Underground to Listen to Lefty • Purr • The Actor Sobers Up • The Brooding Mother

Poetry, AV2: Rear View • Relapse in a Leaky Container • Two Miscarriages from a First Marriage: Words for Carolyn

Poetry, AV6: When My Friend Lost His Faith

Poetry, AV12: The Eighth Ocean • Burning

Grenside, Paula

Film Review, AV4: A Beautiful Mind

Interview, AV6: A Conversation with Michael Kimball

Poetry, AV3: Death Is Exhausting • Disquieting Dance • Inexplicable • Reflection-Applause-Small Dialogue • Sightseeing • Speaking Of Talking • That Night It Rained Forever • The Boundless • The Cancellation Of Time • The Girl Who Likes To Be Cheerful • The Weight • Your Skin Contains Your Body

Poetry, AV4: Pomegranate Blues • Rhapsody • Slow Man- • The Rain Sonnet

Review, AV8: Land of the Snow Men, by George Belden

UN, AV3: An Italian Artist: Gina Roma

Grinnell, Claudia

Poetry, AV1: Exile • The Eviction of Birds From Paradise • These Days • This Day, Today • Unsuitable Biography, Written in the Latter Part of the 20th Century • What There Is • You Asked For A Happy Poem

Poetry, AV2: Coal Season • Even Now, This Wanting • In the Widest Sense, Everything • Losing Your Place • This Time, Columbus Won’t Be Back

Poetry, AV5: Justice • Old Men – Old Women • On the Nature of Time • Outlines

UN, AV3: Canned Hare

Visual Art, AV2: Chorus Line • Moulin Rouge • Twins • Up

Grinwis, James

Flash, AV8: Pizza Shop • Quest’s End

Grueli, Shaman (Jones)

UN, AV4: Run the Voodoo

Guyon, Rebecca

Poetry, AV11: The Girl Who Cut Off Her Limbs • Japan • November 2

Hall, Joe

Poetry, AV14: Pakistani Wedding – Ayssa & Murad, Larchmont, NY • In the International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos: She is Seeing Someone in Addition to You • This Fire Walks Underwater • Love Monster • 4th of July and I Didn’t Take Any Vicodin After Our Fight • At Purdue You’re Still Called a Secretary

Hamill, Meg

Poetry, AV12: One • Two • Three • Four • Five

Hammond, Annalynn

Poetry, AV9: Sunrise in the Post-Historic World

Hanson, Nels

Prose, AV12: Will And Chance

Harris, Steve

Interview, AV11: Interview with Paula Koneazny

Poetry, AV2: Blue Angel • Byzantium • Exile • Marlowe at Deptford • Millstones • Nightingales

Poetry, AV5: Anastasia • Christmas Eve, 1944 • In the Circle • Julia • Romanov Spring (Dr. Botkin, 1917)

Reviews, AV2: Cracks, by Sheila Kohler • Living in the Resurrection, by T. Crunk • Men in the Off Hours, by Anne Carson • Natal Command, by Peter Sacks • The Beginning of Spring, by Penelope Fitzgerald • The Book of Happiness, by Nina Berbervova • The Forest, by Susan Stewart • The Moon Inside, by Ruth Daigon

Reviews, AV3: Almost, by Oliver Reynolds • How Animals Mate, by Daniel Mueller • No Passion Spent, by George Steiner • Ocean Avenue, by Malena Morling • The Dancer Upstairs, by Nicholas Shakespeare • The Forest, by Susan Stewart • The Thing in the Gap-Stone Stile, by Alice Oswald

Reviews, AV4: Useless Virtues, by T.R. Hummer

Reviews, AV5: Deposition, by Katie Ford • Pinion: An Elegy, by Claudia Emerson

Reviews, AV6: Bay of Souls, by Robert Stone • House of Poured-Out Waters, by Jane Mead

Review, AV11: Self-Portrait with Crayon, by Allison Benis White

Review, AV13: Into These Knots, by Ashley Anna McHugh

Review, AV13: Ariel, by Sylvia Plath

Review, AV14: Entering the House of Awe, by Susanna Childress

Hasenstab, Anne

Poetry, AV11: The Difference One Button Can Make • Black Licorice

Heldt, Todd

Poetry, AV11: Blood • After the Orange Alert

Helfland, Jody

Poetry, AV10: The Jungermans With Flock Of Chickens • Entrance Gate In Morning Light • Lines From A Villanelle

Hellem, Aaron M.

Prose, AV8: Impugn

Prose, AV11: You and a French Man

Helwig, Susan

Prose, AV6: Artist’s Basement

Poetry, AV8: Foreign Vistas • Medicine Man

Henderson, Karin

Poetry, AV6: African Beach Market

Henderson, Susan

Prose, AV6: Untitled Thing About a Wasp • A Christmas Story a Little After the Fact

Hick, Fernand

Visual Art, AV11: Trapped in a Whirl • Symphony in Blue • A Moment of Plenitude • FC 147 • Last Rays in Tuscany • Cold Morning Mist

Hicks, Cheryl

Poetry, AV10: Flight Risk • The Trouble with Dreams

Higgins, Ed

Poetry, AV9: Forgetting You • Walking the Back Field

Higgins, Sψrina

Poetry, AV12: Ode to Uncertainty • In Persona: Prometheus Thinks About Sanctification • Mappa Mundi

Hill-Kaucher, Jennifer

Flash, AV10: Piano with Hatchet • Plausible Constellations

Hischak, Gregory

Prose, AV5: Cake Walk • Keyboard Commands (or, This Platform that We have been Given)

Hodson, Jnana

Poetry, AV9: In Motion

Hogan, J.B.

Prose, AV8: Down from the Country Club

Holborn, Hannah

Prose, AV7: Roads

Holland, Noy

Prose, AV8: What Begins with Bird

Hollars, B.J.

Prose, AV10: Platonic Idealism

Holmes, Katherine L.

Poetry, AV8: Handed-down

Hopkins, David

Poetry, AV7: My Brother Job • To My Children • Throw Away • To All Throw Aways

Houser, A.M.

Poetry, AV13: The Shape • Thinking It Over • Trying to Reach the Ocean by Sunset

Howcroft, Brent

Visual Art, AV6: Three Kings • Pictographs, Thompson Springs • Abandoned Power Plant • Abandoned Power Plant, Detail

Hudon, Daniel

Prose, AV10: The life of Dreams

Huey, Amorak

Poetry, AV12: Antecedent • Grandmother

Huffman, A.J.

Poetry, AV13: Inside a Tarnished Teapot • Deoptifractalization • A Porcelain Shadow

Hunt, Patricia

Prose, AV8: Going Home

Hurley, Jennifer

Prose, AV13: The Girl Next Door

Hury, Hadley

Poetry, AV14: Photos of Our New Hydrangeas

Hutchison, Collin

Poetry, AV14: Waiting for Little Joe

Hyde, Dan

Visual Art, AV4: Photograph 1 • Photograph 2 • Photograph 3 • Photograph 4

Hyde, Nicole

Visual Art, AV9: Snowy Fields • Winter Field • Canola • Prairie • Fleurs de Sancerre • Reflections

Hyde, Wes

Poetry, AV2: Haiku

UN, AV3: Land Manatees • Prose Poems • Van Gogh (The Starry Night)

Visual Art, AV2: Cowboy • Creation • Deer • Double Harness • Fox • Hell • Ravens • Red Rock Crossing

Visual Art, AV5: American Bullfighter • Breaking In the Rough Stock • Caballo Diablo • Out of the Chute • Raging Bull • Remorse • The Hurricane Deck • Twister

Iordache-Levay, Madalina

Visual Art, AV11: Fairytale • The Gravity of Fear • In My Other Life • Suicide • Against the Sky

Iredell, Jamie

Poetry, AV11: Joining the Circus • Visit Me • Sunset, Pacifica

Ives, Rich

Flash, AV12: Perhaps There Will Be Something Left • Previously Unavailable for Comment • Early Psychology

Jaeger, Lowell

Poetry, AV14: First Time • King Vitamin • My Brother

Johnson, Brad

Poetry, AV11: Baptism by Fire

Johnson, Jenny

Art, AV13: 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7 • 8

Johnson, Marci

Poetry, AV14: Fractal • Salvation at the Book Fair • Altitude Sickness • Highway, Animal

Johnson, Shelagh

Prose, AV14: The Art of Navigating

Jones, Emily

Visual Art, AV4: Bottle Deposit • Faceoff • Musa

Jones, Jocelyn and Ryan Brodie

Visual Art, AV3: 2722 • Ampidelic • Joci-Cat • Joci-Glo • Reye • Solar

Jones, Pat

Poetry, AV4: Back Forty Mistress • Predictors • Sisterly Correspondence

Visual Art, AV3: Dancing with a Heron Who Loves the Moon • Earth Bound • Ladder to the Moon • Mending II

Visual Art, AV4: A Woman for Raven • Contralto • Easter Bonnet • Gathered Around The Jones Poems • Kelp Woman • Nekkid Khat With Cat • Tree Woman • Woman With Hat

Visual Art, AV5: And She Sighed • Beach Bridge • Bridge of Sighs • Choppers • Pool Bridge • Spider’s Bridge

Visual Art, AV7: Eucalyptus • Tears on Tap • Make Waves • Watermark • Bathing with Ravens • I Never Said I Did Windows

Visual Essay, AV10: Becoming Art

Jones, Ron

Poetry, AV2: At Morning • Careless Love • Flight • Last Week • No One Knows What Electricity Is. • On My Feet • Remember • Runway Lights • The Closed Grain of Belief • This That & The Other • Three Hundred Dollar Boots • Troubled Authors Sleep Their Dappled Lives • Walking The Aisles • X-Rays

Jozwiak, Jenny

Visual Art, AV6: Blue Hall, Morocco • Born in Calcutta, India • Window and Cross, Mexico • Sea of Nets, Morocco • Mondrian Wall, Morocco • Reflection, Indonesia • Round Window, Morocco • Mountain Woman, Northern India • View of the Sea, Kas, Turkey

Kahl, Tim

Poetry, AV12: The Shrine • Survival of the Fittest in Rio Vista • Blue Calendar Days • Turtle Release

Karikath, M.S.

Prose, AV13: Firefly

Kasdorf, Julia

Poetry, AV6: Double the Digits • Bat boy, Break a Leg • Gravity Hill • Letter to Dad from New Danville, PA • Oral Tradition

Kean, Sam

Prose, AV8: Pills and Peaches

Keating, Kevin P.

Movie Review, AV9: Eyes Wide Shut: Kubrick’s Epic of Copulation

Keller, Tsipi

Poetry, AV12: Translation of David Avidan’s Six Local Poems

Kelley, Anna C.

Prose, AV14: Marie • Leda

Kennedy, Robert Morris

Prose, AV7: Some Kind of Inside Joke

Kenny, Janet

Poetry, AV6: Dank House

Kestner, Kirstin

Poetry, AV10: Architect

Khalsa, Hari Bhajan

Flash, AV10: I Would Tell You

Kilroy, John “Clem”

Poetry, AV2: Daddy’s Restless • I Ate The F-16 • Jook-Aroni • Lazarus Moon • Living In The Time Of Theft • Poker • The Drowning Bag • To Kiss Outside Your Culture

Poetry, AV4: All the Sportswriters Gone • Kick the Weather • Little Hegiras

Prose, AV4: Immigrants Ride Windows • The Point Is Synaptic Media

Prose, AV5: Taking Over L.A. – Excerpt, Part 4 • Taking Over L.A. – Part 7

UN, AV3: The Problem

Kim, Caroline

Prose, AV12: You Light Up My Life

Kimball, Michael

Interview, AV7: An Interview with Sam Lipsyte

Interview, AV8: Interview with Noy Holland

Interview, AV10: Interview with Peter Markus

Prose, AV6: Living Anymore In Mineola • My Doll-Family, My People-Family. . . • How to Make a Baby Up. . .

Prose, AV9: Excerpts from the Suicide Letters of Jonathon Bender (b.1967-d.2000)

Kirby, Bill

Prose, AV12: Blush

Kirchner, Mindi

Poetry, AV10: The Law of Almosts

Kirsten, Amy

Poetry, AV11: Window Seat

Klassnik, Rauan

Flash, AV10: Next Morning’s Story • Brightness • (from Heaven – 14)

Klaver, Becca

Poetry, AV9: Ars Diarista

Klimczak, Darius

Art, AV14: Twins • Acrobats • Agro • Bagman • Wreck Train • Peace

Knorr, Alyse

Poetry, AV12: Yes, Gale

Kobylarz, Philip

Prose, AV12: The Bachelor of New Orlean

Koehl, Joseph

Flash, AV12: La Vita Nuova

Koneazny, Paula

Poetry, AV11: Anxiety’s Raiment • two peas in a pod • Cut • Post-historic fable

Special Feature, AV11: “Installation”

Krawiec, Richard

Poetry, AV14: Things to do When you Lose a Child • The Free World • Pressing and Yearning

Krisak, Len

Poetry, AV13: 5 Rilke Translations

Kurtz, R.L.

Poetry, AV13: Death at a Crosswalk Seen from a High Window

Lace, Noreen

Prose, AV12: All the Beautiful People

Lamothe, Lori

Poetry, AV14: Urban Polka • Wedding • Uncanny • Vista

Lane, Terence

Prose, AV14: The Last Fight

Lang, Dorothee

Visual Art, AV7: Water Ways (Flash movie)

Flash, AV10: Beyond Here

Larrain, Michael

Poetry, AV13: Peace • High Summer

Larsen, Bryan

Visual Art, AV9: Flight 1 • Just the Beginning • How Far We’ve Come • Power and Light

Lawry, Mercedes

Poetry, AV8: A Complete Stranger • Less Prediction

Le Winter, Oswald

Poetry, AV8: Travels: Amsterdam

Lee, Barbara Jean

Poetry, AV4: Anatidae • Blowing Poets in America

Lee, Jennifer

Poetry, AV11: Seven Feet (and then some) • Faηade

Lennox, Charles

Flash, AV11: Mahi Mahi

Lesko, Michele

Poetry, AV11: Mother’s Birthday in Paradise: 1967 • In Morning

Leslie, Nan

Prose, AV3: Nervous in New York • Sense and Other Changes

Levin, Carol

Poetry, AV12: Wild Wishes • And Now?

Lietz, Robert

Poetry, AV9: Eye to Eye

Poetry, AV14: Figuring Out the Spread • Counting by Hundreds / 8 (2) • Eucharist

Lieven, Christoph

Art, AV12: Focus • Dialogue • Talking Heads • Organic World • Inner Secrets

Lillis, Karen

Poetry, AV10: Wooden Splinter

Lipsyte, Sam

Prose, AV7: Tuna Melt Deluxe • Provisionally, Steve • Why Does Steve Deny His Name is Steve?

Locke, Duane

Poetry, AV7: Marianne’s Diary 46 • Marianne’s Diary 47 • Marianne’s Diary 48

Lockwood, Patricia

Poetry, AV6: The Eighteen Vertebrae • Lazarus Returns Home

Lombo, Joseph

Prose, AV13: Or Else

Lopez, Robert

Prose, AV9: Part of the World

Loudon, Rebecca

Poetry, AV3: Breakfast With Clara • Dreaming Patsy Cline • How Margaret Falls • Rash • Saint Lucy • The Magician’s Assistant

Poetry, AV6: Keats and the girl with the big mouth duke it out • Explaining the Kandinsky Tree House

UN, AV3: A Fable • Mozart is in her Brain

Loudon, Rebecca and Glenn Werner

UN, AV3: Todd & Tiffany–UNmail

Lowe, Charles

Prose, AV13: Cowboys and Indians

MacDonald, Eric

Visual Art, AV6: Souvenirs 1-6

Mackenzie, Rob

Poetry, AV8: Crossings • Korea

MacLeod, Heather

Poetry, AV1: Bathed in and out of Dreams • Foreign Eucharist • i would give her ireland • Sleeping in Your Hand • The Short Fall from the Glory of God • The Way Katy Lost God • Traveling Back to You

Magnus, Al

Art, AV12: 1-6

Mammucari, Giuliana

Poetry, AV7: restless fish

Poetry, AV9: roman countryside

Manuzak, Stephanie

Prose, AV11: What

Markus, Peter

Prose, AV6: What Our Mother Always Told Us

Prose, AV10: Bob, or Man on Boat

Martin, Claire L.

Poetry, AV12: Birthing • Make a New Garden • The Never That Was

Martinez, Grisella

Poetry, AV9: Departure

Martini, Francesco

Visual Art, AV7: Covoloni • Goccia • Green • In Search • Two Trees • Venezia

Marwitz, Caroline

Prose, AV9: At the Beach

Mash, Roy

Poetry, AV14: X-Ray Vision • Sky Mall • Dentist Chair

Masullo, Karen

Poetry, AV1: A Poem to My Husband in Case I Go First • North Stairs • There are More than Seven • There Should Be Seven • Vera’s Garden Grew

Matagrano, Frank

Poetry, AV2: Cc’d on the Crucifixion • Clearing the Table with Angel Feathers • Counting the Number of Angels of Death at the Hospital • Flagging a Cab to the Airport • Holding on before Letting Go • Laid out on a Mead near the Fox River • Miss Julie Watched from the Porch • Peeling Potatoes • Setting the Liz Christy Memorial Garden on Fire • Telling Rita the Truth • The Spokes of Her Wheelchair • Three Photographs of the Same Girl

Poetry, AV5: Becoming the Rake • Catching Up with a Traveling Salesman Who Sold a Cure for Everything • Clearing the Table with Angel Feathers • Definitions of Faggot • Peeling Potatoes • Smoking One More Cigarette with Maggie • Twenty Six Years after Nixon’s Resignation

Poetry, AV14: Allowing the Body to Finally Speak • A Governor for Your Flippancy

Maxwell, Matt

Prose, AV11: Barbed Wire on the Brain

May, Jacqueline

Visual Essay, AV8: Place in Art

Mayer, Rachel

Poetry, AV14: The Good Road • Ovulation and Small Towns • November • I Refuse to Let Death Take You • Field Guide

Mayo, Tim

Poetry, AV11: Blackberry Poems

Poetry, AV14: All You Can Tell • The Closeness

McCaffery, R.J.

Poetry, AV5: Matches • Pressing Flesh • Ring of Dead Keys • Thomas Paine and the Iron Bridge

McCann, Daniel

Poetry, AV12: In a Sharp, Well-Tailored Suit • Turnpike

McDonald, Walt

Poetry, AV3: Cousin Roy’s Gold Star and Marker • Leaving Sixty • Loading the Summer Cattle • One Summer Before the War • Toulouse, Maurice, Franηois of Wofforth

McGarrah, Jim

Poetry, AV12: The English Professor Reflects on Career Choices • Lunch Time at the Blue River Inn

McKinney, Sandy

Poetry, AV2: A Discourse on Survival Mechanisms of Spanish Moss • Goat • Logos: To Iambe • Pasiphδe • Survival • The Bell • The Giant Mushroom

McLain, Dale

Poetry, AV9: still life with forced perspective

McMullen, M.E.

Prose, AV10: Dream Three

Prose, AV11: Revolving Door

McNeil, Jeff

Prose, AV8: The Spiral, the Coconut, and the Cyclops

McNitt, Jim

Visual Art, AV9: Lady in the Lake • Pepper • Beneath the City • Contours • Door in Time • Shutter Bird

Meador, Steve

Poetry, AV10: Near-Horse Experience

Meskin, David

Reviews, AV7: The Moon is a Lighthouse, by Peter Markus • Jim Giraffe, by Darin King

Mesler, Corey

Poetry, AV8: Far Away Torchlight

Michalski, Jen

Prose, AV10: I Can Make It to California Before It’s Time for Dinner

Miles, Scott

Prose, AV12: Stripped

Miles, Terrance K.

Prose, AV8: Bibi, Thomas & Evangeline • Sunset, the Driver, and the Seventh Inning Stretch

Mill, John

Poetry, AV2: Appliance, Emotion • Bipolar Ghost • Bongo Possession • Dance Lesson, Times Square, 1999 • Excellent Forgotten Thoughts • Hairy-Armed Rolando Sings • Kenduskeag Hornpout • Letter From Rolando Remedios Concepcion • Lichens In Bangor • Mind Reader On the Metro • Not Bjork • Parking Lot Apology • Population • Potato, Wallow • Written On The Job After Labor Day, 1999

Miller, Howard

Interview, AV10: Inteview with Julie Carter

Interview, AV11: Interview with Brian Foley

Review, AV7: Landing Light, by Don Paterson

Review, AV8: Marin Sorescu’s Poetry: Some Observations<

Review, AV9: Lorna Crozier: Silence Into Language

Review, AV10: At The Drive-In Volcano, by Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Review, AV11: World, Perception, and Faith: A Review of Eric Pankey’s The Pear as One Example: New & Selected Poems 1984 – 2008

Miller, Ro

UN, AV3: Atlanta Nocturne • Goldfish Dreams • Sit Down and Write Something

UN, AV4: Kaleidoscopes

Visual Art, AV5: Cow • Flood Plain • Oak Leaf Hydrangea • Opera Capital • Pigs • Still Life with Antique Eyeglasses

Molini, Sally

Poetry, AV10: Shadows feeding • Summation is Handy at the End

Moore, Amanda

Visual Art, AV8: Continental Motel • Cowboy • La Salle • Omni • Redline

Moore, George

Poetry, AV11: The Lake

Moore, S. Allen

Poetry, AV10: Old Brick Buildings

Moran, Catherine

Poetry, AV7: poem for snow. • That hummingbird

Morris, Emily

Art, AV12: Untitled • Argentina

Morton, Maggie

Poetry, AV13: Madness

Mulert, Terry

Poetry, AV13: Let Me Explain Death, Son • Innocence

Mulligan, J.B.

Poetry, AV5: old people having sex • the yard sale at the animal shelter

Mulrooney, Christopher

Prose, AV6: Boulez Meets Gehry

Must, Dennis

Prose, AV2: Grief • The News From Heaven

Neumire, William

Poetry, AV6: Toward a Sense of Self-Sufficiency, an Interview • Dream of Living Alone in an Unfinished Kitchen

Nolrac III, PhD., Dr. Eugene Omar

UN, AV3: The Award-winning, Juice of Love

Noonan, Catherine

Poetry, AV13: Cling • Fun Fair • Bare • An Evening Meal

Norman-Risch, Mil

Poetry, AV10: Dreams

Nower, Joyce

Poetry, AV9: On the Roof • The Back Yard

O’Brien, James

Visual Art, AV6: Almost • Beetle • Box • Welcome • Hill • Tables • Ex Con • Mirror • Peanut

O’Carroll, Chris

Poetry, AV8: Sound Effect

O’Keefe, Sherry

Poetry, AV11: On the Corner of Junipero, Learning Not to Hold the Chili Powder • Still Life Portrait • Waiting at the Airport

Ogden, Kirsten

Flash, AV12: The Anatomy of a Heart Wood

Oliver, Maurice

Poetry, AV9: “Skip #86” Sonnet

Ott, Martin

Poetry, AV11: High Above the Airport • Bend

Palcewski, John

Visual Art, AV5: Bronze Foot • Castello Aragonese • Keep It Simple • Nose Bridge • Putrify to Purify • Vision Bridging Faces

Pancholi, Rumit

Poetry, AV9: The Opossum

Pant, Meghna

Prose, AV14: Flurt!

Park, Linda Sue

Poetry, AV1: Changing the Sheets • Fourth-Grade Science Project • Mobius • On Meeting a Poet

Poetry, AV6: Picturing the Words • When the Last Panda Died • Tide Pool

Parker, Randy

Poetry, AV11: Man with pipe • Fishes out of water • Permanence and Loss

Parks, Debra Pallone

Poetry, AV4: Leonids

Parks, Tim

Prose, AV6: Rancour

Patel, Jay

Visual Essay, AV8: Travelling Through Seasons

Patel, Varina

Art, AV12: Arizona 1 • Arizona 2 • Montana • Utah • Oregon • Washington

Perchik, Simon

Poetry, AV14: Untitled

Perkins, Rae

Prose, AV13: We Are Fourteen

Peters, Allison

Poetry, AV12: Cartoons • Orange

Petersen, Kirie

Prose, AV13: Jared and the Llamas

Peterson, Allan

Poetry, AV14: Inventory • Double Lives • Of All Places

Pfingston, Roger

Poetry, AV3: Drought • Notions • Revision • Two Tits and A Rabbit

Pinheiro, Shelton

Poetry, AV14: #8 • #15

Pollack, Frederick

Poetry, AV10: Powerball • The Good

Quagmire, Sparky

UN, AV3: Searching for Pat Conroy in Mexico • Where the Hell is Pat Conroy?

Quinlan, Philip

Poetry, AV12: A Red Dress, Falling • Faultlines

Rantala, Kathryn

Prose, AV9: Illimitable Blue

Rasnake, Sam

Poetry, AV5: Quartet in C Minor, Op. 18, No. 4

Rathbun, A. J.

Poetry, AV7: The A1 from Milan to Bologna • White Coal • The River Known as Prospect Avenue Nth

Reed, Christine L.

Poetry, AV6: Dover-Rico

Reed, Elicia

Poetry, AV14: Elephant • Diverge

Reed, Talia

Poetry, AV10: Trust Me

Reeser, Jennifer

Poetry, AV5: By This Pitch And Motion • Huang Tsun-hsien: from “Miscellanies of the Year Chi-hai [1899], Eight Selections” • Nocturne Over Water • What To Give Me In Sickness

Poetry, AV11: Seven Winning Ways • White Cathedral, After the Storm

Repp, John

Poetry, AV14: Everything Not Quite

Retzer, Evan

Prose, AV13: Catching a Train

Rider, Edgar

Flash, AV11: Bob Eager

Riehl, Page

Prose, AV12: Laundromats in Heaven

Rimbaud, Dee

Visual Art, AV8: Attempting to Fly • No Entry • The Rail Journey • Would I Delight in Sunshine?

Riso, J.D.

Flash, AV11: Snapshots from a Clandestine Hell

Ritz, Eugenia

Poetry, AV12: Poems

Robinson, Anthony

Poetry, AV2: Ars Poetica • Currency • DMZ • Fugue • Hay Fever • Just Like Yesterday • On Blood • Scene from the Central Valley, 1979 • Summer Song • Take Out

Poetry, AV5: The Mission (Travel Notes)

Robinson, William

Prose, AV14: Crossing Over

Rogers, Bertha

Poetry, AV13: Fall • Want • Fox on Volcan Irazu, Costa Rica,
September 2001
• Learning Wild • The Longest Month

Rybicki, John

Poetry, AV7: The Violin now, my God the Violin

Sarafa, Farrah

Poetry, AV9: Paris in the Day • Beach Still

Sarnat, Gerard

Poetry, AV10: BMIs

Saye, Sherry

Poetry, AV6: Arizona • “Real Men Don’t Need Guardrails” • Milking Thursday

Schechter, Robert

Poetry, AV6: The Secret Room

Schneider, Jessica

Poetry, AV3: From the Box of the Zoo Fox • Of Una Jeffers • Remanent Theory of Asteroids

Schott, Chantel

Art, AV13: Fortune Teller • Surrender • Flight2 • Wicked Park2 • Miagical Kingdom

Schroeder, Steven D.

Poetry, AV8: Stepping Through My Shadow • Tall Buildings & Flat Rocks

Sebastian, Nic

Poetry, AV10: underlying

Sequeira, Anabela

Art, AV14: On the Edge • The Abyss • Lost Horizon • Trapped

Sexton, Kay

Prose, AV10: And then I woke up…

Shackelton, Jeannine

Poetry, AV2: Charter House • In Time • Outside In America • Then Munich • With Red Roses

Visual Art, AV2: Ancient Breeding • Browning’s Mantis • Fish Teeth

Shaw, Heather

Poetry, AV2: Caliban • Six Blackbirds • Sweet Chetties • The Boatyard • The Infinite Imagination of God • Translation

Sheehan, Tom

Poetry, AV10: St. Basil’s School for the Blind

Sheirer, John

Visual Art, AV6: Shoes • Farm • The Eiser House • Swing • Cabin

Sheridan, Brooke

Poetry, AV12: Down Time • Target Practice

Shore, Deborah J.

Poetry, AV6: The Round Glade • Uprooting

Sieren, Steve

Visual Art, AV9: Mysterious Waters • Subway Entrance • Carizzo Plain • Heaven’s Glow

Silkie (Jones)

UN, AV3: Canned Woman

Silverman, Paul

Prose, AV11: Everybody Loved Robby

Simmons, Dan

Poetry, AV14: Hole • Poet • There Was This Goodbye

Singer, Ron

Flash, AV11: The Old Avatar

Prose, AV13: Speak to I

Sk, Anakin

Visual Art, AV10: Emerald • Haos • Diamond Queen • Mirror Mirror • Blue Butterfly

Sloat, Sarah J.

Poetry, AV12: Aunt Bobbie’s Almanac • There’s So Much Sunday • On Waking I Think of Winter

Poetry, AV14: Riding Backwards on the Train • Etiquette • Envelope Stuffer • Doll Hospital • Caw • Figure, Disfiguring • Polka Dots • Baguettes

Smaltz, Lori

Visual Art, AV3: 6:30 AM • Bertha • Middle Georgia • Neon Rendering • Rose Hill

Smith, Mattie Quesenberry

Prose, AV12: Catawba Cut

Smith, Rodney

Art, AV12: 1-6

Solomon, Gerald

Poetry, AV14: Looking Around • All the Time • At the Met

Spacks, Barry

Poetry, AV12: Black Fire

Sparling, Ken

Prose, AV5: I don’t think they can get into a sealed tin, John

spencer, jamison

Prose, AV5: defying gravity

Spencer, Mark

Prose, AV9: Time Traveler

Spoto, Daniela

Art, AV13: Miniatura Florita • Corsetta nel Roseto • Mosca Cieca+Fiori • Oooh!

Springer, Charles

Poetry, AV12: DiMaggio

Srygley-Moore, Carolyn

Poetry, AV12: Calling Marco Polo • Barnacles • Porn of My World: for my husband • Yellow Umbrellas Lost on the Bus Between You & Me: 1, 2, 3

Stack, Kevin

Poetry, AV11: Iron Head Boards

Stansbury, Jeremiah

Visual Art, AV8: Mini-Mind • Panda Milk • Paper Skater • Sent-on-Sent

Stant, Greg

Visual Art, AV5: Bridge • From the Bridge • Hard Times • Hard Times, Revisited • Park Avenue • Royal Gorge

Stanton, Henry

Poetry, AV7: Boredom • Compassion

Stern, Lee

Poetry, AV12: Perhaps When I Touched You • Don’t Leave the Apples Behind • I Will Tell You

Stevens, Rick

Visual Art, AV2: Black Water • Ellie’s Eyes • Looking Inward • Sultan Sallahudin Mosque

Stewart, S.D.

Poetry, AV14: Unmarked • Stitched Up • Indirection • All the flashy birds

Stolis, Alex

Poetry, AV11: We Look & See • monosyllabic love song • Days and Deeds

Stoller, Neca

Poetry, AV1: Last May Pole • The Coloring Book

Strongin, Lynn

Poetry, AV7: 100% • Linen • Torchlight Leaving Canvas

Poetry, AV9: In a Perfect Oval

Sutherland, David H.

Poetry, AV13: Laundromat Dreams • Mistress

Swihart, R.L.

Poetry, AV8: Revision • The Sky Becomes a Painter’s House • Tsvetayeva II

Poetry, AV11: Around the island a splintered ship • The dust doesn’t rise for millennia • Eternal return

Sylvie Z. (Jones)

UN, AV3: Untitled Photograph

Taras, Janusz

Visual Art, AV11: Gavroche Style • Claudia • Mystery Vail • Blue Silk • Jana

Taub, Yermiyahu Ahron

Poetry, AV14: Ephemera • How the Peeping Tom Came To Remember

Taylor, Don

Poetry, AV1: Ambrose Scott Handel ( 1919– ) • Prisoner #244565 will be released next Friday and puts things in proper order. • She was a maid of the dairy

Poetry, AV2: Blossom Riley

Poetry, AV4: My Mermaid’s Untimely Rip • Not Narcissus • Tell Us For We Are Ashavaric

Prose, AV2: Essay 1 (I spent last night at a cheap motel in downtown Oklahoma City.) • Essay 2 (For the reason I was in haste to earn the trust of my patron and thus do what he had asked me and as diligently as I could. . . .) • “Seizing the Fleece” • Welcome Bill Faulkner To Rotary Club

Prose, AV4: Essay • The Package • Yank Harold and the Crazy Girl

Prose, AV5: Forgotten, What Happened on Ponte Vecchio–the Bridge…

Taylor, Jason deCaires

Visual Art, AV11: Vicissitudes (detail) • The TamCC Project • Vicissitudes • The Lost Correspondent • Grace Reef

Taylor, Sharon M.

Poetry, AV4: Resurrection Songs

Teets, Jon

Poetry, AV2: Hurler Avec Les Loups • Moved by Heraclitus, Plato Hastens to the Side of Socrates, but Too Late • On The Varieties of Illusion Worth Having • Revision • The Lepidopterist Lovingly Disjuncts his Niece

Tennis, Luke

Prose, AV9: Watery Eyes

Thaxton, Terry Ann

Poetry, AV12: The Girls of the 60s Grow Up and Get Married • My First Rental

Thibault, Brett

Poetry, AV3: A Short History • Atelier • Eating Myself • Sex for Tina • The Diary • Vacation

Poetry, AV4: And Never Heard Again • Flying South Blues • From The Crier • Moths

Thompson, Steven R.

Visual Art, AV7: Corona Del Mar • Corona Arch • Eureka Dunes, Death Valley • Hermosa Pier • Palos Verde • Pt. Fermin Moonscape

Tibbling, Sarah

Poetry, AV14: Daydream • Television • Dinner

Trame, David

Poetry, AV8: Bellyache

Tripoli, Rudy

Visual Art, AV4: Call me • Distance Undetermined • Hallways • Pigs

Twaronite, Gene

Prose, AV13: The Woman Who Came for Lunch

Tyler, J.A.

Flash, AV11: &(one-hundred and four)

Tyner, James

Poetry, AV13: Kao Quilted • Pops Writing His Will

Ubben, David

Visual Art, AV7: Bel Esprit • Cool Dip • Summer Lights

Van Buren, Stephen

Poetry, AV2: As Requested by Mr. Jones • Being an Essay on the Essential • Formalism of all Poetry, • Love At the End of The Sea • Pale • Stone Tears • The Great Debate

Van Hoose, Eric

Prose, AV14: Dan Derington Goes Swimming

VanDaele, Lori Anne

Film Reviews, AV3: Enemy at the Gates • Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back • Jurassic Park III • Memento • Rush Hour 2

Vaughn, Michael J.

Poetry, AV6: Flagstaff • St. Francis of the Half Moon Bay Coffeehouse

Poetry, AV8: Normal • Shuffle

Prose, AV6: The Woman Who Loved Books • The Woman Who Loved Cats

Vivian, Robert

Prose, AV11: Falling Into the Arms of a Dervish

Vlasopolos, Anca

Poetry, AV6: Psyche Readings • Codes • Excellent Condition

Walsh, William

Prose, AV10: In Houston

Wasner, Alinda

Poetry, AV14: Phillip, Asleep • Ode to the Night and the Morning Following an All-Day Day of Arguing • Pain, Near the Heart

Watson, Jonathan

Poetry, AV8: Nomad

Watterson, Jaclyn

Prose, AV13: Backyard

Weiner, Jesse

Poetry, AV1: Afterimage • Exchange • Reason • The Question • Vanishing Point

Poetry, AV6: Entropy • The Day Of Longest Darkness • As Usual

Werner, Glenn

Visual Art, AV3: Jazz Fresco • Marat Jobs • Rebecca’s Tin Foil Hat Website • Ruby Vessel • ToniAnn

Westland, Maggie

Poetry, AV8: P.T. to T.O.

Weyant, Karen J.

Poetry, AV12: The Boy Who Ate Cigarettes: A Blue Collar Fairy Tale • My Brother’s Middle Finger • Lament for the Last Summer of Prayer

White, Derek

Prose, AV7: The Octopus Hunters

White, Teresa

Poetry, AV1: Cigarettes, Candy, and Stationery • Cross Stitch • The Last Act

Wilder, Ducking

UN, AV4: A Bear Tale • Whatever Happened to T&J?

Willadson, Shari Diane

Poetry, AV1: Art Lesson • Ghazal- Get Them • Ghazal- On Concrete • Ghazal-Too Tall • The Face Of God

Poetry, AV3: Death of the Salesmen • In a Room Full of Fish, Wednesday Night on the Westside • Looking Through Walmart for a Table Made of Wood (=woman) • Love in the Time of the Smallmouth Bass • Mascara • This Old Woman

Prose, AV1: The Myths Of The Camphizi

Williams, John Sibley

Poetry, AV14: The Burning Mirror • Pavlovian Response • In the Closed Room

Williams, Lori

Poetry, AV5: Curvature • Making Penne with Basil-Seafood Sauce • Mothers Are Funny That Way

Williams, Wright

Poetry, AV14: 1. • 2. • -little bird putting an apple in its own throat- • Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Williamson III, Ernest

Visual Art, AV8: Lovers in India • Night Life in Japan • Priest in the Midst of Medieval Daze

Wilson, Kevin

Prose, AV11: There is Someone in the Next Room Who Does Not Want to Sleep with You

Wilson, Melinda

Poetry, AV11: Belief in One

Wood, Joseph

Poetry, AV11: Apology to Third Shift Greyhound Phone Center Operator

Woodgates, Eric

Poetry, AV2: Cooked According to Temperature • Environmentalists at Leisure • Hanging Dog • Landscaping Anarchy • The Descent

UN, AV3: Appendix C, Western Civilization: 1950 to Present

Wright, David

Interview, AV5: In No Rush: A Conversation with Frank Matagrano

Interview, AV6: “Those weird conversations with strangers”: An Interview with Julia Kasdorf

Interview, AV7: An Interview with Stephen Burt

Poetry, AV4: A Selfish Sonnet of Thanksgiving • The Editor Falls Behind

Poetry, AV14: First of Several Manifestos in the Voices of the Dead • Manifesto Two: Braque on Progress and Mimesis • Manifesto Three: J. M. W. Turner on the Qualities and Causes of Things • Manifesto Four: Rembrandt Addresses the 1960s and 70s

Prose, AV6: Dwelling In (and Out) of Place: An Anecdote about Julia Kasdorf

Reviews, AV5: A Noise of Purpose: John Kilroy’s Torque • Dear Editor, edited by Joseph Parisi and Stephen Young • The Poetry Anthology, 1912-2002, edited by Joseph Parisi and Stephen Young • What I Read Last Summer: Short Takes on Contemporary Fiction


UN, AV4: Komic Khat

Yocom, Carol

UN, AV3: Furor

UN, AV4: A Woman for Raven • Gallop

Yoder, Carroll

Prose, AV13: Pigeon Catchers

Young, Chris

Poetry, AV6: The First House • Under Sky and Ceiling • Before This Quiet Comes Undone

Zeipekis, Tim

Visual Art, AV11: Homestead • Navarre Anderson Trading Post • Petersburg Elevator, founded 1903

Zeller, Lorianne

Visual Art, AV2: Devil’s Dance • Lamb • Nude • The Dream

Ziewacz, Stefan Michael

Prose, AV8: Dreaming of Kafka • Middle Age